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Electric food processors

Meat Mincer with Full Stainless Steel Body 

Industrial-strength Fermentor Great for Hotel Use 

Large Low-voltage Electric Fermentor 

Electric and Gas Stand-Style Fryer 

Electric Door Prover with Steam Injection Device

Electric Fermentor Suitable for Hotels and Restaurants Use 

Single Door Prover with 13 Layers 

Efficient Food Mixer Great for Restaurant and Dining Hall Use 

Stainless Steel Food Mixer Suitable for Restaurant and Factory Use 

Stainless Steel Electric/Gas Stand-Style Fryers 

Micro-computer Triple-layer Six-tray Gas Oven 

Twenty-one Litre Stainless Steel Spiral Mixer Equipped with Safety Cover 

Spiral Mixer Suitable for Dough Kneading 

Automatic Industrial-strength Electric Water Boiler 

Gas Griddle/grill, Uses Petroleum Gas 

Dual Action, Double-speed 25kg Food Processor Spiral Mixer 

Large Spiral Mixer with Bowl Volume of 80L 

Meat Bone Slicer Tested to National Food Safety Standards 

Bone Saw Used to Break Up Various Bones with Meat, Frozen Meat, Poultries and Fishes 

Durable Bone Saw Designed for Cutting Freezing Meat and Bones

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